While Veronica Blade was taking a break in the middle of a big, expensive photo shoot for her most recent series, the bestselling YA Romance Author commented to celebrity photographer Denice Duff, "These photos are great! You should start your own stock company. Do you know how hard it is to find good images for this genre?"

Being Denice's husband, I was near enough to overhear and, as owner of duffweb.com (a custom web design firm), I knew I was qualified to do it. I poked my head out and said, "You know we CAN do that, right?"

That's how it began.

The idea was to create a different kind of stock photography website, filled with beautiful, useful images that are free of the typical "stock" photos, a venue where you as artists of the word and digital brush can feel

confident about finding the perfect imagery that illustrates your story. We are constantly striving to help you reach that goal.

And we won't be allowing uploads from photographers that we don't hire directly. While this may limit the number of images at first, we believe this decision will make up for in quality what we may initially lack in sheer numbers.

We will also be asking YOU what images/scenarios you want to see on the site and one shoot each month will be dedicated solely to the most requested scenario. You can fill in the form at the bottom of any page to let us know. During these early days we wanted to concentrate mostly on the Romance genres but if it's aliens in the desert you want, we'll figure out a way to get that to you!


Thank you for using Novelstock!

Michael Duff
CEO, Novelstock.com